Thursday, 17 January 2013

4 Nations Weekend

And so this weekend it is off to Ayr for the annual 4 Nations International weekend when the club curlers of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland fight it out for a variety of trophies. The weather forecast is poor with heavy snow forecast which may delay some English curlers' travels but let's hope we all get there for Saturday morning at 0900.

The English teams are:

0900     Wales        Mixed         Doug Andrews, Sandra Moorcroft, Gordon Lyon, Carol Lyon
            Wales        Mixed         Alastair Fyfe, Susan Young, Kerr Alexander, Alison Barr
            Scotland     Men           John Sharp, Ross Barr, Stuart Brand, Jim Marmont
            Scotland     Men           Michael Sutherland, Charles Murphy, Graham Stanley, James Gibb
1200     Scotland     Men           John Brown, Alastair Fyfe, Ross Barr, James Gibb
            Scotland     Men           Tommy Campbell, Gordon Lyon, Doug Andrews, Jim Marmont
            Scotland     Ladies        Jean Robinson, Susan Young, Debbie Hutcheon, Pixie Chung                                                                                                                                                                      
1500     Ireland        Mixed         John Sharp, Jean Robinson, Tommy Campbell, Alison Barr
            Ireland        Mixed         Peter Bowyer, Sandra Moorcroft, Stuart Brand, Hilary Bowyer
0900     Wales        Men           Michael Sutherland, Kerr Alexander, Graham Stanley, Charles Murphy
            Wales        Ladies        Jean Robinson, Hilary Bowyer, Debbie Hutcheon, Pixie Chung
            Scotland     Men           Peter Bowyer, Alastair Fyfe, Doug Andrews, Jim Marmont                                                                                                                                                                       
1130     Scotland     Men           John Brown, Bruce Bowyer, Kerr Alexander, Stuart Brand
            Scotland     Men           John Sharp, Gordon Lyon, James Gibb, Charles Murphy
            Scotland     Men           Michael Sutherland, Tommy Campbell, Peter Bowyer, Graham Stanley
            Scotland     Ladies        Jean Robinson, Susan Young, Debbie Hutcheon, Carol Lyon                                                                                                                                                                       
1400     Ireland        Men           John Sharp, Bruce Bowyer, John Brown, Ross Barr
            Ireland        Ladies        Sandra Moorcroft, Susan Young, Alison Barr, Hilary Bowyer

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