Wednesday, 14 November 2012

ECA Seniors Championship

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The ECA Senior Men's Championship will take place at Greenacres on the weekend of 30th November to 2nd December. Two teams have entered, the holders skipped by Michael Sutherland but with a new face at lead, and their challengers skipped by John Sharp.

Michael has Tommy Campbell at third, John Summers at second and Charles Jackson at lead. Phil Barton, who led for the team last year, is secretary of the RCCC tour to Canada in January and decided he could not manage the commitment required for both challenges and has stood down this season.

John Sharp has John Brown, Alastair Fyfe, Doug Andrews and Mike Robinson in his squad but the final playing order has yet to be decided following various trial line-ups at the European Invitation Seniors and the Gormac International.

The first game is on the Friday evening with up to 4 more possible - the first team to win 3 games will be the champions.

Once again there is no women's championship. In actual fact since 2002 when the World Seniors began and teams were sent from England there has never been a women's championship in England as only one team has ever expressed an interest in participating although the women (bronze in 2003) are the only gender to have won a medal for England, the nearest the men managing being 4th in 2005.

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