Monday, 18 February 2013


The English National Championships take place at Fenton's Rink in Kent this weekend.

Teams competing are:
John Sharp                James Mallows          Ben Fowler                Steve Amann            
John Brown                Nigel Patrick              Mark Wilkinson          Oliver Kendall           
Alan MacDougall        Andrew Reed             Andy Woolston          Tom Jaeggi               
Bryan Zachary           Duncan Spence         Kerr Alexander           Ken Maxwell             
Greg Dunn                 James Dixon             Arthur Bates              Bruce Bowyer           
John Summers           Richard Hills              Andy Taylor     John Hamilton     Martin Gregory
Ivan Zadorozny           Doug Andrews           Charles Murphy          Robin Gemmell         
Michael Opel             Jamie Malton             Henry Carter              Keith Wilson             
Fiona Hawker             Lesley Gregory         Angharad Ward          Debbie Hutcheon       
Anna Fowler              Hetty Garnier             Naomi Robinson         Lauren Pearce
The men will play a single round-robin of 7 games and then the top two will contest a final on Sunday at 1400 unless the top team is undefeated and has 2 more wins than the second team. The women will contest a best-of-5 rubber - first team to win 3 games will be Champions

The draw is as follows

Wednesday 20th February        1900

1          John Summers              v           Alan MacDougall
2          Bryan Zachary               v           John Sharp
3          Michael Opel                 v           Greg Dunn

Thursday 21st February           0900

1          John Brown                   v           Greg Dunn
2          Michael Opel                 v           Ivan Zadorozny
3          Bryan Zachary               v           Alan MacDougall

Thursday 21st February           1400

1          Bryan Zachary               v           John Summers
2          John Sharp                    v           John Brown
3          Greg Dunn                     v           Ivan Zadorozny

Thursday 21st February           1900

1          Sheet not used
2          John Summers              v           Michael Opel
3          Alan MacDougall            v           John Sharp

Friday 22nd February              0900

1          Ivan Zadorozny               v           John Brown
2          Greg Dunn                     v           Alan MacDougall
3          Bryan Zachary               v           Michael Opel

Friday 22nd February              1400

1          Fiona Hawker                v           Anna Fowler
2          John Brown                   v           John Summers
3          John Sharp                    v           Ivan Zadorozny

Friday 22nd February              1900

1          Greg Dunn                     v           Bryan Zachary
2          Alan MacDougall            v           Michael Opel
3          Anna Fowler                  v           Fiona Hawker

Saturday 23rd February           0900

1          John Brown                   v           Michael Opel
2          John Sharp                    v           Greg Dunn
3          Ivan Zadorozny               v           John Summers

Saturday 23rd February           1400

1          Alan MacDougall            v           Ivan Zadorozny
2          Fiona Hawker                v           Anna Fowler
3          John Brown                   v           Bryan Zachary

Saturday 23rd February           1900

1          Anna Fowler                  v           Fiona Hawker                if required
2          Greg Dunn                     v           John Summers
3          Michael Opel                 v           John Sharp

Sunday 24th February             0900

1          John Summers              v           John Sharp
2          Ivan Zadorozny               v           Bryan Zachary
3          Alan MacDougall            v           John Brown

Sunday 24th February             1400

Sheets to be decided
Men’s Final
Fiona Hawker                            v           Anna Fowler                  if required

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