Saturday, 9 March 2013


It is the English Mixed Championships at Fenton's this weekend. Six teams have entered and they will be playing a single round robin with a final unless one team is undefeated and two wins clear of the second team.

First round scores

 Bryan Zachary     3       John Sharp       7
 Ken Maxwell         8      John Brown       4
 Andrew Woolston   8     Fiona Hawker    6

The Draw and teams entered are as follows


Fenton’s Ice Rink, March 8th to 10th


Friday 8th March                       1900

1          Bryan Zachary               v          John Sharp
2          Ken Maxwell                  v          John Brown
3          Andrew Woolston          v          Fiona Hawker

Saturday 9th March                  0930

1          Fiona Hawker                v          Ken Maxwell
2          John Sharp                   v          Andrew Woolston
3          John Brown                   v          Bryan Zachary

Saturday 9th March                  1330

1          Bryan Zachary               v          Andrew Woolston
2          John Brown                   v          Fiona Hawker
3          John Sharp                   v          Ken Maxwell

Saturday 9th March                  1730

1          Fiona Hawker                v          John Sharp
2          Ken Maxwell                  v          Bryan Zachary
3          Andrew Woolston          v          John Brown

Sunday 10th March                  0930

1          Ken Maxwell                  v          Andrew Woolston
2          John Brown                   v          John Sharp
3          Fiona Hawker                v          Bryan Zachary

Sunday 10th March                  1400



Bryan Zachary               Lauren Pearce               Kerr Alexander              Naomi Robinson
Harry Mallows               Lucy Sparks                    Ken Maxwell (skip)        Katie Dolan
Andrew Woolston          Anna Fowler                  Ben Fowler                    Hetty Garnier
John Sharp                   Lorna Rettig                  Nigel Patrick                  Alison Hemmings
John Brown                   Jean Robinson              Steve Amann                Niamh Fenton
Fiona Hawker                Mark Wilkinson              Angharad Ward             Gary Tapp

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