Saturday, 9 March 2013

More results

Saturday evening and after a hard 3 session day, John Sharp leads the way in the ECA Mixed Championships having won all 4 games so far.

In the evening session tonight he did not let Fiona Hawker get a look-in after covering the button with his Last Stone Draw and then taking a 4 at the first end after which he continued to steal singles until, after 6 ends, hands were shaken at 9-0.

Bryan Zachary remains in second after beating Ken Maxwell by 9-3. He is guaranteed to finish second overall now in the round robin and will play a final against John Sharp if he wins tomorrow against Fiona Hawker. However if he loses and John beats John Brown then John Sharp will win the Championships as he will be undefeated and have two more points than Bryan.

Results so far point to a Sharp v Zachary final as both should win their games tomorrow morning at 0930, but this is curling......

John Brown won his first game of the weekend when he beat Andrew Woolston 7-4. Win-loss record now is:

John Sharp 4-0
Bryan Zachary 3-1
Ken Maxwell 2-2
Andrew Woolston 1-3
John Brown 1-3
Fiona Hawker 1-3

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